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Arizona child support cases often require guidance from a professional lawyer. Emotions can run high in these cases because they involve financial consequences and the welfare of your child, and the court determines the outcome. Our Maricopa County attorneys at Rader Law Firm can lend our experience and reasoned skill to your child support case.

When it comes to deciding child support, state law takes into account factors like:

  • How much each parent earns
  • How much time each parent spends with the child
  • How much the child needs for living expenses

The guidelines can seem complicated, but we make sure our clients understand the law and how it may affect them. We also encourage our clients to think broadly about all the circumstances involved, including day care expenses, health care coverage, and payment of uncovered medical bills, as these things may have an impact on the amount of child support to be paid or received.

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We can help minimize some of the stress for our clients by putting to use our knowledge and experience with child support law. An attorney experienced in family law can always improve your case because even filing paperwork on time can help win a favorable ruling. Call Rader Law Firm for well-qualified representation in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the greater Phoenix area. We are dedicated to fighting for the results you want and the outcome your child deserves.

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