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At Rader Law Firm, our Scottsdale divorce mediation attorneys will sometimes recommend alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or negotiation to resolve our clients’ disputes. Many times divorce agreements require arbitration of post-decree modifications, enforcement, and other matters. Mediation is also required by law in many divorce cases, except for those involving domestic violence.


There can be many benefits to alternative dispute resolution, such as:

  • Reducing legal costs by eliminating the expense of conducting formal discovery, hiring experts, and going to trial
  • Decreasing stress for all parties and the family as a whole
  • Speeding up the process by not having to wait for hearings to be scheduled on the court’s crowded calendar
  • Obtaining greater control over the outcome, rather than being at the mercy of a judge’s discretion

When parties are agreeable to mediation or negotiation, they have the ability to reach compromises and do not need to agree to things that are not acceptable to them.


The end goal of mediation is to secure a settlement between both parties involved. This can help you avoid the expenses of court, as well as the time-consuming process. When clients retain our counsel, we work with them through the mediation process to ensure everything is handled as smoothly as possible. We work strategically to help you peacefully and mutually resolve your conflict through mediation.

While we strive to end the mediation process with a settlement, sometimes this is not always possible. If no agreement is reached after multiple mediation sessions, you may have to bring your case to trial. Our firm is ready to provide reliable counsel and guidance through this time as well.


At Rader Law Firm, we use alternative dispute resolution methods, but we are also trial attorneys first and foremost. While we will negotiate to settle your case fairly and appropriately, we are ready to go to trial if necessary to fight for your rights and protect your interests. Other professionals in the legal community know our reputation as skillful and aggressive trial lawyers. They take us seriously and often try to settle with us before facing us in the courtrooms.

Reach out to us to discuss and evaluate your options. Our Scottsdale divorce mediation attorneys can help you understand how these choices apply in your divorce proceedings and how each is likely to impact you. We are centrally located to represent clients in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the greater Phoenix area. Hablamos español.

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